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luxury wellness experience in Terrigal


Optimum Wellness and Skin Therapy 

We believe in optimum wellness first.

House of Ren offers Wellness Facials and Ozone Therapy within a luxury day spa experience in Terrigal, on the Central Coast of NSW.


A private oasis for those who want a ‘holiday away from home’ for a few sweet hours, we believe in optimum wellness first. Through our experience and research, we treat the cellular layer of the skin and beyond to promote optimum health. 


Through advanced facial treatments, massage therapy, reflexology, skin technology, pure ingredients, and Ozone Sauna Therapy, you can reach ultimate wellness and radiant skin. 

House of Ren Hydration

House of Ren offers

  • Ozone Sauna Therapy for detox, immunity, and cellular repair (HOCATT)

  • Advanced Wellness Facials

  • Diamond Micro Dermabrasion

  • Hydra Dermabrasion

  • Collagen-building Micro Skin-Needling

  • Botanical, organic, Australian native ingredients

  • Massage therapy and reflexology

Our Story

House Of Ren is founded by Renée Cousins, experienced beauty and wellness therapist of 30 years, and previous owner of Lifestyle Spa in South Africa.

On moving to Australia in 2019, she dreamed of opening up a unique house of wellness and skin therapy that offered the best of the best out of her trainings, experience, intuition, and what technology now has to offer the industry.

Our Expertise

Through advanced facial treatments, massage therapy, reflexology, skin technology, pure ingredients, and Ozone Sauna Therapy, you can reach optimum health and radiant skin. 

Discover an experience that will awaken your body through a journey of ‘life flow treatments’ that will leave you with insight, awareness and more. Your body will be oxygenated, restored, energised, and detoxified. 

Oxygen is the secret food for life – oxygenate your cells and feel and see the difference.


Your leading therapist at House of Ren

I’m Renée, an experienced wellness and skin professional from South Africa, who has embraced the sweet oceanic life of the Central Coast. Just as in the beginning days of my career, I am still deeply passionate about the latest in holistic skincare and treatments, and I love learning about new technologies that can enhance skincare and wellness in my profession. That’s why I infuse my ancient healing methods with modern technology. 

I designed House of Ren as a private oasis for those who want a ‘holiday from home’ for a few sweet hours, in a luxe environment that’s ideal to induce relaxation and results.

As you receive your warm welcome at House of Ren with an aromatherapy infused warm hand cloth, you’ll start to feel the personal connection, inspired by the ‘State of Ren’ – encompassing qualities of compassion, love, kindness, and benevolence towards others.

Your personal wellness journey has begun, and the world will grow slightly dim as you breathe and become rebalanced and reconnected. 

I look forward to watching you re-discover yourself:

Your beauty

Your life

Your health

Like a lotus flower in full bloom.

Renée Cousins

Massage therapy House Of Ren

“As your therapist,
I want your body and skin 
to function at optimum cellular level.
Allow my hands to infuse you with love, 
expertise, connection, and kindness.”

–Renée Cousins

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